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Friday, June 2nd, 2006
3:22 pm
Off to camp for the WHOLE summer!
I leave for Frontier Ranch at Mission Springs in Scotts Valley (practically Santa Cruz) on June 4th which is this sunday! Write me at camp, I'll be there all summer, and this is the best way to leave me messages...although i will have my laptop with me and be able to use the internet now and then. I'll have my phone, but will only be using it on Saturdays and when I'm on break...so here's the address:

Mission Springs
Frontier Ranch Staff
25 Frontier Road
Scotts Valley, CA

And yes, Quasi is my name for the summer, so please put that, beacause the campers never actually know my real name! See you all in August unless you are planning on visiting!

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
9:20 pm
I've been tagged, and nothing stops a tag. Wait...what does "tagging" even mean?
Allright allright i've been tagged by Deb so I've GOT to post now. But I feel the slow death of Livejournal coming on, since I rarely post here anymore...anyways.

i would "tag" some others just like i've been "tagged" but uh, to be honest, i really don't know many others than use livejournal besides nick, deb and elena...maybe i should be aware of some more friends that use this...

Okay withuout further adeiu here are my six random facts about...me.

1. I still sleep with the covers over my head...and I always fall asleep in almost exactly the same position. It's weird, but I can fall asleep very very quickly if I'm laying on my stomach with my head turned to the left. Why to the left? Because that was the direction in which my face faced the wall in my room in Davis, which is the bed I slept in more than any other. I guess I just felt more comfortable facing a wall. As for why I still sleep with the covers, it's cause i used to be really scared of the dark and it made me comfortable to fall asleep with the covers over my head, and it just made me feel safe. I guess I never gave up the habit, but it does make me really hot, so I don't think I do it as much anymore...wow anyways, moving on, that really wasn't that interesting.

2. I'm going to Echo Elena on this one: I have no sense of direction. At all. I don't know North, South, East or West...and I always have a hard time remembering how to get places. It takes me many times to go to the same place unless maybe I know the city really really well...and even then...being away from Davis for the year up in Chico made me forget how to get to a few places, and I grew up here. How sad is that? And quite frankly, most people aren't very tolerable of this weakness...they get quite annoyed with my always asking where to go when they are sitting shotgun. If only it would be viewed as a disability, then maybe people wouldn't get so frustrated with me!

3. I check my e-mail, myspace, espn.com, facebook, etc. WAY too much. I hate it. I feel like I do this every time I sit down at the computer. I'm really trying to break this evil habit. Sometimes I wish computers were never invented. They take the place of human interaction way too often and it annoys me. And I hate the fact that I like using myspace and facebook because they are practical. I just wish I didn't have the option. Oh well, gotta make do with the times.

4. I have found myself enjoying food way less than I used to. I think college did this to me. I got tired of having to leave my room to eat, and then when i got to the dining hall, eating the same thing all the time. The quality wasn't THAT bad, but the variety was. There were times when my schedule was more important than eating..and I would find myself hungry, and be like, oh yeah, i need to go eat! What is up with that? Luckily i think this bad habit will be broken at camp when you are on a schedule and you don't have a choice when you eat, and I like the camp food more than most people...

5. I pee really really fast. I can hold my pee for a long time, and I've got great bladder control, so I don't think it's that I don't have a big bladder and and I just pee a little amount out really quick. I swear, if you lined me up next to 50 guys and we all had to fill a cup, I would be in the top 5 in time. I honestly think I just pee fast, and I'm not sure how...and sometimes I feel embarrased when I am in a public bathroom using a urinal and I walk up, start peeing, and the guys next to me are still peeing when I leave, and they were there peeing, BEFORE i even got there! Either they have bladders the size of China, or they pee as fast as a sloth.

6. I hate the Rap/Gangster lifestyle. (sorry to semi-copy you nick but your hick one made me think of this) I think it sends the stupidest message. %0 cent's "get rich or die trying" motto is just so lame. Life is not about money, or how many bitches you can get. Or how much bling you can wear. Or how many hummers and escalades you can pimp out better than the other black dude. Seriously, be real, be yourself. You don't have to wear your yankees hat tilted to the side, just because Jay-Z and MTV tell you to. Stop fullfilling a negative stereotype. Okay and I know not ALL rappers are like this, and that I am over-generalizing myself. But please, stop using the same beats over and over and singing about the same things. Stan Tookie Williams, the leader of the Crips gang who was put to death by Capital Punishment, tried to tell his "followers" to stop following in his footsteps. He said that being "Gangster" isn't cool. I couldn't agree with him more. Oh yeah, and one more thing, the "white" lifestyle is hardly any better. This is just one that has annoyed me, but there are plenty of things wrong with tons of other "lifestyles" out there. Oh and on a more positive note: There are also plently of things right with some of these lifestyles too...

Okay well I hope those weren't too long and I'm sorry if i cheated and piggybacked off of some of your guys's answers. They just got me thinking! Be grateful I even posted here! I can't believe I still post here, I'm not sure if anyone besides, maybe, Deb reads this...

Adios Kids, enjoy the sunshine

Friday, March 10th, 2006
6:39 pm
My trip to the DR and things I love
Only a few more hours until I embark on the adventure. At 10:30 P.M. tonight I begin a trek with a team of 9 others to the country of the Dominican Republic. I'm going with my church, Bidwell Presbyterian Church in Chico, CA, on a short term missions trip to a school (Doulos School) in Jarabacoa. To be honest we don't know exactly what we're going to be doing there. It's kind of up to God and the people at the school. We're at their mercy!

We have been paired off and are living with Dominican families instead of in a builiding that the school usually has mission teams stay in together. However, I am stoked for this because me and my partner, Jason, hardly know any spanish, so I'm looking forward to living in a house of a family in which I don't speak their primary language. I'm stoked though, this is a challenge that I think is going to be amazing.

So it's possible the school we'll be at might have a computer, and I'm going to try to have one brief blog a day. Check back to see if I can find a computer.

Also, i'm not going to have my phone or my IPOD!!!! with me, which is going to be awesome. As much as I love music, this is going to be hard for me. I'm hoping God takes this opportunity of me having electronics out of my ears for a week to speak to me! I just hope I can hear him!

So my plane leaves tommorrow morning at 7:40 AM for New York, then we fly to Santiago (no that does not mean a whales vagina) in the Dominican Republic. It should be about 85 degrees, haha suckers! We'll be up in the mountains though, so maybe it'll be a little chillly, we'll have to see though. This is going to be the farthest east I've ever been. At least i think so. I've been to Florida, and i'm not sure which is farther east. I've aslo never been to New York so hopefully the airport will be exciting!

This is the kind of adventure I've been waiting for. I love not knowing what is coming the next day. I love doing dangerous things. I love different languages that I'll butcher if I even try to attempt speaking. I love the dirt. I love to fly. I love to travel. I love to spend a week with people that I really don't know that well. I love being able to turn my phone off and not have it in my pocket! I love not showering for 5 days straight. I love taking pictures, especially not in the United States! I love being able to forget about homework, and drama back home.

I'll be back on Saturday night, but it'll probably be at like 2 in the morning, so I'll talk to everyone on sunday, and I'll have tons of pictures to show everyone! I'll miss you all, and keep me in your prayers!

Steve O

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Monday, December 26th, 2005
1:27 am
Mute Math
I am stoked: it is coming: February 1st in SF.....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

You heard it here first: this band will be big, and you will hear about them in a few years...when they get big...just my prediction...

go to www.myspace.com/mutemath to here the new song "chaos" it's sick!


Sorry i don't update this much anymore, i feel if I want to tell people stuff that I will talk to them or they will ask me how things are going...so yeah, the only journal i really use is the one on my desk, which only I read! Ha! I'll still update this randomly...so stay excited! But anyways, Christmas was good! Hope it was good for all of you! I hope your 2006 is full of love and peace!

Monday, November 21st, 2005
9:09 pm
Check out the pictures....
Saw Mxpx and Relient K last night in San Francisco, it was awesome! Except for our friends car getting broken into afterwards and Jason and her Ipod's were both stolen, as well as all the rest of their stuff. And then I guess I lost 20 bucks at the concert. But besides the crap that happened afterwards, the show was awesome. It was fun going to the city with the group before and checking out Pier 39 as well.

Welp, I'm back in Davis now, so give me a call, I wanna hang out with you davis kids!

Check out the new picture album I have, way way more pictures, check this out:


It includes almost every good picture I've taken at a concert within the past year...so please tell me what you think!
Monday, November 14th, 2005
1:42 am
Bono, I'm Legal, 80's baby, Dancing with the clouds
So how often can you say you get to cross off one of your life goals? I did on saturday. I went SKYDIVING. I went with a friend from Chico (Nate) and Mike Windall. It's pretty much undescribable, and it does feel like your flying. It goes so freakin quick though. THe minute free fall feels like 10 seconds. Oh wow, it was incredible. I'll post pictures...whew, it just blew me away. Everything that I hoped for. And dang, you have to sign your name like 10 times and initial this form like 12 times. And to be honest, I wasn't even that scared, the plane ride was awesome, and when the door opened, oh man. Mike went out first, and that's when it really hit me that I was going to jump out of a plane. But to be honset, none of us were that scared. I think because it was such a surreal thing, and you feel so safe and prepared because you have an intructor on your back, that it just wasn't THAT scary. Plus i had been preparing for this forever. I have a video of it if any of you want to see it, but I would highly reommend going in Lodi, 13,000 feet for 100 bucks. Incredible. Most exciting thing I've ever done, hands down.

And that concluded my week of turning 18. Saw U2, turned 18, went to an 80's dance, and went skydiving. Best week of the semester. Pictures: try here:
http://csuchico.facebook.com/photos.php?id=29904207&l=eacbc There are a few good pictures there.

Oh, and I am going to the Relient K show in a week, and i'll be back in Davis for the whole week of thanksgiving, so everyone in Davis, let's hang out, and play some poker or something.
Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
2:20 pm
I'm seeing U2 tonight! How often do you get to say your are seeing one of your heroes in person!?!

This is my last day as a minor... funny how my 18th birthday is the day after election day...oh well.

This week rocks!!!!

Okay I gotta go drive home now, Peace!

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Saturday, November 5th, 2005
12:52 pm
it's been a while...
Well things are shaping up nicely in Chico. I really need to update this thing more. So I just have to say it because I'm super excited about her, I HAVE AN AMAZING GIRLFRIEND! Okay so there it is, yeah Meagan's fantastic.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So that's us in San Francisco at the Mae concert. Don't worry, I shaved, it was just a little expirement. I'm thinking about really growing it out over the summer if I work at camp...

So Wednesday I am no longer a minor. I'm actually kind of sad about it. Cause then I have to take responsibility for my own actions. Which is never fun... But hey birthdays are always fun, and finally i won't seem so young to people, telling people i was 17 and in college got annoying.

Tuesday I'M SEEING U2! I get to see Bono! It's going to be insane. It's in oakland and it's gonna be siiiiick. I'll put some pictures up on my photo bucket. Oh yeah, I just updated it, check out the pictures from the Switchfoot concert, I got some really really good ones!

Yeah this is going to be a good week. Too bad I have to go to speech class and study for a math test on my birthday...that blows.

Yeah so anyways, I love Chico, school is okay not great, but not absoulutley horrible, it's barrible. I can't wait for thanksgiving break though. Doing nothing and eating a lot for a whole week is going to be nice.

Hey does anyone want to go to the Relient K and MXPX concert November 20th in SF? I really want to go! So let me know...

Anyways, check out the photobucket cause i actually added pictures: http://photobucket.com/albums/y237/StevenOrmsbee/

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Friday, September 30th, 2005
3:31 pm
No more hub? No problem!
Allright allright deb i'll update!

Check this out: http://www.thedooronline.org/articles/2005/09/30/solid_switchfoot_for_the_switchfoot_fan_nothing_is_sound_review.html

That is the website for the fellowship I've gotten involved with, and I got to write a sweet article about my most favoritist band for them, because i made the mistake of letting them know i write for my high school newspaper, haha.

So things have been pretty awesome here, I'm finally feeling settled in after 6 weeks and Chico is definately starting to feel like home. I've met some swell people here also. I think more of you kids from Davis need to come and visit though, our room is always welcome. ;)

And by the way, what they say about college and no sleep is not a myth. 5 hours is very commonplace, even if you don't think you are that busy, people are always hanging out, or you have a test to study for or an assignment you forgot about or procrastinated doing....it's the truth.

So I'm pretty excited, I'm seeing Switchfoot on the 18th, U2 On November 8th, possibly Mae (with MUTE MATH!!!) on October 28th, and maybe Relient K with MXPX on November 20th! I usually don't see that many shows, but all of those sound awesome to me! Let me know if anyone is going to any of those.....

Allright well i'll update more later, i'm going to play some Friz now....peace.
Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
4:26 pm
For those of you that know me or know of me or have even just heard my name you probably know that I have been waiting for this day for a long, long, long time. And this day has come. You may ask, why Steven, what is so special about today??? Well my friends, NOTHING IS SOUND WAS RELEASED today. I am listening to it for the first time, because i preordered the album two months ago and not knowing my address in Chico i had it sent to davis, so i don't get to listen to it til thursday when I will be back for my sister's wedding. BUT. Thank GOD for Rhapsody. After a long day of classes I am listening to it for the first time and it rules. As if that were a question.

Man today has been a good day besides that, I just bowled 165 and 154 my two best games, ever. 165 was my all time high and man oh man was today awesome. I got a turkey (3 strikes in a row) in one game and finished with a double in the other. Things have been awesome here besides switchfoot and bowling by the way. The door and Bidwell have just been awesome welcoming places where i have met the most incredible people. Man Chico is starting to finally show some love back to me!

To all of you who said I would "thrive" in college, well, I guess you were right. And i don't mean that in a cocky way, ask me if you want to know more about what i'm talking about.

Sometimes things just go well for you and all your little balls in life just fall in line. Today is one of those days. And it's all because of him.

I'll be back in Davis from thurs. to sun. but I dunno how much time I'll have, gimme a call if you want.

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Sunday, August 28th, 2005
3:21 pm
First off, i've been trying to get onto aim cause that is generally the best way to talk to people and stuff, but AIM really is working for me right now. The internet connection we have here isn't working like it is supposed to, the internet works allright but it is really hard to get onto AIM for the moment. I am also using the new google talk, which i must say is awesome if you haven't used it, i suggest you download it. I think it is going to take over AIM just like how google has taken over nearly everything else. If you have a microphone or a laptop with a built in mic (which you really might have and not even know it) you can actually talk (yes, with your actual voice) to people. It's quite fun and quite free! Anyways, i've been on google talk more than i have on aim because it is letting me on, as AIM is not....

So here are some random pictures of college things so far....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is my roommate. He comes home drunk at about 3 AM every night and screams in his sleep. He also listens to Scandinavian Polka at an extremely loud volume. Sometimes he likes to randomly talk in German and occasionaly try going all day without sitting down. His name is Jason.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is my suitemate Bawb. (yes that is how he likes to spell it and yes that is his real name.) I like Bawb, and so do the ladies. Bawb is a good chap.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Some people think that he looks like Jesus. (he's not stoned here, i swear. he's just happy.)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is our view. Pretty isn't in. My car is out there somewhere.....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Um. Uh....
I don't know WHO that is. And that's not my bed...uh. heh...AHEM.whoa.

I like College.
Friday, August 26th, 2005
11:37 am
My Bottom 10
Steven's Bottom 10:

10. Drying off with a wet towel.
9. Stepping in a nasty mud puddle while you are wearing sandals
8. Buying concert tickets online and then finding out the service fee is half the amount of the actual ticket price
7. Retainers
6. Fun sized candy. What's fun about less candy?
5. Waking up 15 minutes before you alarm goes off. 15 minutes isn't enough to go back to sleep, but too much to get out of bed. So, you just lay there....dangerously close to falling back asleep, and you know that if you do, your screwed.
4. Trying to left through an intersection with 10 people behind you while you are in a hurry and the traffic never lets up so it takes about 20 mins to freakin turn.
3. Walking in late to a class of 70+ people from the front, interupting the professor and then everyone stares you down....
2. The screen on your cell phone suddenly decides that it doesn't want to work for no reason whatsoever. You didn't put it in water and you didn't even drop it. You can't see any of your numbers in your phone now, nor can you see who your missed calls were nor can you read text messages.
1. Your MP3 Player freezing, then later it enters rescue mode and you eventually find out that you are going to lose 2,600 of your songs, which you have spent about 2 years organizing.

By the way, if you want to write me:
Steven Ormsbee
1400 West Third Street #260
Chico,CA 95928
Monday, August 22nd, 2005
2:14 pm
First off I was just kidding about Patrick, i actually do have more friends that just him. Did you click him and play with him? You should.

So I had my first REAL college classes today. I mean I guess I have had 3 classes at Sac City, but those hardly count since the average attendance there was like 12 people, and that is not an exaggeration.

So I had History and my Communication Speech class. We watched like 25 mins of Star Trek in history, and no it wasn't because the professor is lazy or unprepared, he actually had a point, but you kinda had to be there to understand it. Seems like it will be a cool class, especially since I like history.

The Speech class was in the Performing Arts Theatre, so there was probably over 200 people there. I've never had a class that big so that was a little different, but that is only one day a week for lecture, and then we split up for discussion groups on wednesday night. Should be interesting, i'll actually learn how to speak in front of people correctly!

Still no roommate if you haven't heard, I may not ever get one. But actually this is a good thing, because I have two suitemates so it's not like i'm alone or anything and I have my own room! One of the suitemates is pretty sweet, Bawb, as he likes to spell it. Joey is never really around so i haven't gotten to know him much, i have a feeling it's going to be like that with him for the year.

The fellowship gathering was at the MU yesterday and it was really encouraging to get to see all the fellowships come together. I hadn't really met any christians until then so it was really cool to get to worship and learn about all the College Fellowships. Now i just have to start going to them, get plugged into a small group and see which one is for me...I think it's either going to be intervarsity, The Door, or The Edge.

Well I'm a little frustrated with some things right now, for one the internet in our rooms sucks badly. It's going to be a while before that is fixed, because its the first week and the maintenance people are really backed up, so if i'm talking to you on aim and i sign off, now you know why, so don't take it personally! Also we have to have our doors closed....which makes for a really crappy community. THe on campus dorms can have their doors open...but the lax craig hall can't. Apparently if a fire started it would spread much quicker if the doors were open....also they won't even let us have whiteboards on our doors, cause those are firehazards as well....Whitney hall (the dorm that had like half a floor burn down last year) is cool with whiteboards and open doors...so explain THAT logic to me. It may sound stupid but it's nice to be able to just walk by and say hi to people. Now our floor is silent and gives you kind of unwelcoming feeling....

Honetstly I haven't met that many people yet, i know i haven't even been hear a full week yet, but i'm still waiting for it....i feel i've only met my suitemates, and my friends roommates...hopefully that will change....I talked to one of the other RA's and he said things will get heated up and should get better.

Anyways, it may sound like things aren't going well for me, but they really are, i really like being here, i love chico it's such an awesome town. By the way, the whole thing about Chico being a party school? Yeah. It's true. Whew. Man. Every freaking corner on every block. I mean geez i thought i lived in a college town, but you ain't seen nothin til you seen chico downtown at night. Hundred's of people walking around trying to find the next party! Crazy!

Well drop me and e-mail or call me or say hi on aim or something....

Me on the first day of college:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
2:02 pm
Meet Patrick
Here is my only friend i've made at college so far:

my pet!

Please be nice to him.
Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
9:54 pm
I'm in!
So i'm at college. Got all moved in today, that was such a pain in the butt, bringing in so much stuff to such a little place, but hey we got it figured out. It's a little weird not knowing anyone yet. I don't even have a roommate yet! He didn't show today so i'm alone in my room for the time being. Only one of my other two suite mates showed up, and then he's like, "hey i'm off until this weekend so we'll talk then." So, yup, that means, i have this whole place to myself right now. It's a little lonely, but whatever, i know people will be here soon. I'm glad i have three people from davis to hang out with, i dunno what i would have done tonight if they weren't here to be honest.

So i'll keep this updated a lot more than i did back in davis, since life is so much more interseting here, haha just kidding.

I miss all you kids back in Davis and i hope you all stay in touch and let me know how life is going!

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Monday, August 15th, 2005
1:04 pm
Bottom 10
Steven's Bottom 10:

10. Drying off with a wet towel.
9. Stepping in a nasty mud puddle while you are wearing sandals
8. Buying concert tickets online and then finding out the service fee is half the amount of the actual ticket price
7. Retainers
6. Fun sized candy. What's fun about less candy?
5. Waking up 15 minutes before you alarm goes off. 15 minutes isn't enough to go back to sleep, but too much to get out of bed. So, you just lay there....dangerously close to falling back asleep, and you know that if you do, your screwed.
4. Trying to left through an intersection with 10 people behind you while you are in a hurry and the traffic never lets up so it takes about 20 mins to freakin turn.
3. Walking in late to a class of 70+ people from the front, interupting the professor and then everyone stares you down....
2. The screen on your cell phone suddenly decides that it doesn't want to work for no reason whatsoever. You didn't put it in water and you didn't even drop it. You can't see any of your numbers in your phone now, nor can you see who your missed calls were nor can you read text messages.
1. Your MP3 Player freezing, then later it enters rescue mode and you eventually find out that you are going to lose 2,600 of your songs, which you have spent about 2 years organizing.

By the way, if you want to write me:
Steven Ormsbee
1400 West Third Street #260
Chico,CA 95928
Sunday, August 14th, 2005
5:27 pm
***Note: I won't lie to you, this is a long entry, and it asks a lot of questions. No, you don't have to answer any of them. Just some thoughts I'm having....***

So I think it is pretty sad that I haven't posted in months. Or so. Well to sum things up, camp was crazy amazing again, 5 of the best weeks of my life. The relationships I made there were just incredible and I hope they last back here in the real world. Right so then I went to San Diego for a week which I guess was pretty much the last family vacation before my sister gets married. Then David will be coming on all of our vacations, which is actually pretty awesome, cause he's a cool dude and well, he's a guy, which is always good. I don't think I've ever had a more crazy time of my life than right now. My sister gets married on September 17th, which is just, so weird....but in a really good way. Maybe only those of you who have had siblings get married can understand. It's just so odd having someone you've grown up with move on and live with someone that you don't know very well. But hey i'm really excited for both of them, and i think that their relationship is going to be sweet.

So after all of that sinks in there is the slightly larger matter at hand. College. Gosh i don't even know where to begin. Well here are some of my random thoughts on college.

I have so many things (possessions) it actually makes me kind of embarrased, sick, and almost sad. I am probably one of the richest people in the world. Relatively. There are absolutely billions of people thatI have more money than. Just packing everything up I've realized how much crap I have that I don't even use an 8th of the time. So I guess what i'm saying is, don't take for granted that soft chair you are sitting in. Or the down comforter you have. Anyways, i don't mean to preach, but wow, what a fat american I am. Well, actually i'm not really fat.

Leaving. I have to say goodbye to so many people. There are so many people that I just won't really see anymore. There are hundreds of people from high school that I'm pretty sure I won't ever talk to again. Then there are the friends that I have in Davis that I'm sure i'll keep in touch with and talk to and even see now and then, but it just isn't the same, ya know? I'm moving on, I'm going to have new friends and people that I get close to. It's just strange not knowing who I will be hanging out with and stuff in a month. For all of you in Davis (actually i think the only people that might read this are in davis...) don't worry i'm not going to never talk to you again or completely abandon you. But obviously things will change, and I don't think i've gone through a bigger change in my life. Except for perhaps birth, because wow is it different out here than in the womb.

Going. Roommates. Are you a crack smoker? A mormon? Tall? Quiet? Drunk? Christian? Do you snore or speak other languages while you sleep? Can you freestyle rap? I have no idea who I'm living with! This should be interesting. What's it going to be like living in the private off campus dorms? Hopefully it will be as good as it seems....

Responsibility. Man I have a lot more to deal with now. I actually have credit cards now. I have to manage my own money. I won't have parents that make me dinner anymore. I have to do my own laundry. ( Yeah yeah laugh it up, but hey if the parents are willing, why do it yourself?) Don't get me wrong, this is one that I am ecsatic about. I think i might be able to manage my life okay. We'll see but I think i'll do okay.

Classes. Wow real classes. I think I pretty much figured the high school system out by the first semester of sophomore year. I got a 3.6 GPA pretty easily, i mean on the whole....I think college will be a bit tougher with all of the studying, which is one thing i am worried about since I have never been the best studier or test taker. Hopefully i'll be more inclined to pay attention in classes, since these classes seem way more interesting than the ones in high school.

Church, etc. Which one am I going to choose? The Edge? Bidwell? Neighborhood? How is it going to compare to UCC? What about small groups? I wonder what will happen to my faith through all of this changing and moving....

Women. Haha just kidding.

Well I think i'll come back to this. Oh by the way, I think i'm going to post more while i'm in Chico, since there will be a lot of people back in Davis that will want an update or something, so uh, yeah. Bring in the e-mails and make sure you talk to me on aim. or call me.

Check out the myspace by the way, i've done some new stuff to it. www.myspace.com/thelastormsbee

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Saturday, June 11th, 2005
3:16 pm
High School: Check
Well I've graduated. It truly is an incredible feeling, and i'm still in shock. Grad night was awesome, the hypnotist was hilarious just as expected. So sad saying goodbye to so many people that i've had so many great times with over the years that I know i won't see ever again, and if I do, it'll be something like running into them at Safeway or something like that, which i wouldn't count as "seeing them again" but you get my point. I've spent years with so many of these people and it is so hard to say goodbye to them, but life moves on and change is inevitable, and i guess if you don't roll with it, it might just roll you over. High school really was better than i gave it credit for, and i realized how important it is just to be around other people, because boy did it get lonely at times during the second semester. So most of you were right, i probably shouldn't have graduated early, but hey what can you do thats what i did, and i did learn a lot of things from it.....maybe it was what God wanted for me or something, who knows.

So, now onto the next phase of life....college. BUT FIRST. Frontier Ranch. here i come again baby, and boy am i ready. Although it will be hard leaving a certain someone (AKA B.K.), haha i know you are going to read this, but camp is definately an awesome place, and i know i'll have a blast for the next 5 weeks. So i doubt i'll be on a computer much so if you all would be so kind and willing to write, go ahead:

Frontier Ranch Staff
25 Frontier Rd.
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Please don't use my real name, cause i like messing with the kids and telling them it is something crazy, like Wolfgang or something. Thank you for all of you that have been supporting me and praying for me as i head off to camp again. I'll miss you all and I'll be back July 17th or so, and then i'm around for a week, then i go to San Diego for a week, and then around August 16th or so, i head off to college, but we'll talk about that adventure when the time comes.....

You can call me on my cell and leave me a message and i'll get back to you on one of my breaks or on a saturday if you want, i'm free on saturdays so feel free to call if you want, i'll tell you all about camp when i get back.

Love you all.

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Friday, June 3rd, 2005
1:49 am
I guess it was yesterday since i'm posting so late, but that day was the best day of 2005. Methinks. Saw Mat Kearney along with Bobby Krier and Brian E (yes the one from Mexico who plays the violin!) and i talked to all three of them afterwards, some amazing musicians, but Mat Kearney is just incredible. He's is just amazing, i didn't know you could sing and play the guitar the way he does with no drums, bass or anyone else along side him. Such an awesome singer. I did have fun getting a little lost on the way to AND back from the concert. Whatev, i got there and thats what matters, haha.

Funny how when you want something so long and so hard, the moment you turn your back on it , or take your gaze off of it, it falls into your lap. Expect the unexpected.

Graduation /Gradnight/ Leaving for camp is going to be the most bittersweet time in my entire life. Celebrating things is so much fun, but it hurts leaving, goodbyes really can suck sometimes. I know moving on and change is a part of life, and belive me, do i want to get out of Davis, but I am going to miss a lot of good people and things in this town. Come to Graduation next friday, I won't lie to you though, it's pretty boring, i've done it twice. There is a little of sitting and repetative music involved.

Where has the time gone?

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Monday, May 23rd, 2005
10:41 am
Times a changin
So I just saw Derek Webb in concert, dunno if any of you have heard of him, he is the lead singer of Caedmon's Call, and he has a his own little solo project going on, he is amazing. He was at FBC on Saturday Night and it was sweet getting to see him, even though I basically went alone.....

Then we had an 8th grade bible study reunion, man it was just like old times. It's been like 4-5 years since we have all met it was crazy getting to see some of the guys again. We all wrote letters to each ourselves and our old bible study leader Johnny Rosendale is going to mail them to us in like 6-9 months, so it will be very interseting getting that letter back when I'm up at Chico.

I have one of the worst sunburns I've had in years. Oh well that means it will just turn into a tan....sweet.

Finished my last final this morning! No more school until august! This is gonna be sweet i get to just relax and chill until i'm off to CAMP! Yeah baby you know what i'm talkin about.

Check this out: www.bloodwatermission.com

Such a cool program, started by Jars of Clay.

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